We are passionate about protecting our world’s endangered animals, particularly those facing extinction due to poaching and illegal wildlife trafficking, especially rife due to the demand for traditional medicines. 

We are racing against the extinction of Tigers and other critically endangered species used in this trade.

We educate within rural schools and support education and change. Within these areas there is often deforestation, poaching, trafficking and the use of endangered species for traditional medicine.

Though education and the promotion of breeding to increase their numbers, as is done in captivity around the world, we aim to eventually see tigers released into safe reserves in their home countries, where they may be free of poaching and abuse.

Until then, we put our all into intensive education and awareness through various means.

Tiger sub-species are all endangered or critically endangered and numbers are declining rapidly. Together with Lory Park Animal and Owl Sanctuary we promote and educate, and create the ripple effect of Awareness.

We promote the protection of all wildlife – our own indigenous wildlife and the endangered wildlife around the world - as a global village.

Without education breeding can inevitably be pointless. Education and Awareness are the keys to sustainable Conservation. Therefore we focus on this.


To educate rural school children and create awareness about environmental issues and wildlife.

To give less fortunate children the once in a life time experience to  see endangered species within an educational setting.

Fundraising to create educational materials for school children.

Teaching our communities about sustainable living.

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