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Tigers & White Lion

by Race Against Extinction | Oct 10, 2013


Meet the ”girls“
Geisha and Ganesha
At 5 and a half months they’ll bounce right into your heart!
18 years and older​

White Lion:

Enter the Lions Den, an encounter you’ll remember forever!
18 years and older

Golia, Geisha and Ganesha are together, so enjoy the best of both worlds!

​Dear adventurers, please remember that although the aim of giving people the opportunity to interact with our precious cubs, so that they gain a better understanding and respect for them, is the main aim of encounters  and petting, it is still the animals welfare and happiness that comes first.

We at Lory Park will appreciate your adherence to time slots, as our babies need to rest and eat during their breaks, and working until 4pm is long enough for them.
Also please adhere to the rules and requests of the caretakers, they are there to protect you and our cubs.

​Once again please note there will be no petting of small cubs on Mondays.

Thank you and enjoy your experience!

​All encounters strictly are from 10am to 1pm and from 2pm till 4pm

Adults: R 80.00 per encounter

Children: R 60.00 per encounter

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