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We could not do without corporate donations. Thanks to the generous companies who have helped us by attending our events or by donating a monetary amount, we have been able to put over 1000 children through our education and awareness programs.

Little by little the ripple effect makes change.

We are registered section 21 and section 18A and are able to give corporate tax certificates.
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Education and Awareness are the keys to sustainable Conservation. Only with Education can the demand for animal body parts for traditional medicine use be curbed.

The children of Allanridge School, Thembisa, learn about endangered Tigers. They also learn about the reasons that so many animals are endangered; for example they learn about habitat loss and poaching.
We teach them about the need to protect and conserve. When they meet the animals for the first time their eyes light up - there is nothing like the experience of interacting and connecting with the animals we are teaching about.

The children loved having their break playing with the various animals wondering around the Sanctuary. Many had never seen a tortoise before.

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